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What are others saying?

If everyone were to read through this guide and practiced what Andrew preaches everyday of their life, we'd have world peace! You'll get back, what you put out into the universe, and I truly believe this. My favorite of the 12 steps is simply smiling everyday so that people wonder what you are up to... "If you want to change the way things are for yourself--display yourself to be more happy, energetic, and fresh. This will not only help you in your daily routine, but also help you in our ultimate goal as a society to change the world. Simple as a kind greeting, a smile, and respect for the rest of humanity." Andrew not only addresses the individual but also the relation to the whole of society.


Basically he breaks down the importance of a few main factors: taking care of yourself/respecting yourself, and taking care of others/respecting others. Respect yourself first and then respect for all living things, were the traditional laws of many Indigenous people. This book states the key to happiness most definitely. Great read!

Jen. L

Thank you Andrew for writing such a good self-help book. It is filled with positive messages especially for those who a boost in improving one’s perspective in life. The message is clear and easy to understand. I particularly like chapter 7 on the act of random kindness. It reminds me of a theory known as the butterfly effect but in the positive way. Highly recommended.

- Alan

I often read those lists of positivity, productivity and success tips (often referred to as life hacks) while perusing social media sites and always find them to be inspirational and uplifting. However, the advice in an article often is only enough to scratch the surface. For me this book is like a much more in-depth version of those articles or lists. The author goes into detail describing how you can adopt simple habits and how they can positively impact your life. I think that having that in-depth discussion about different scenarios and how to implement the habit makes it far more likely to stick with the reader so that they remember to adopt it. I’ll definitely be putting these things into practice today.

J. Robbins

Wright is confident. That's not easy for a man in general these days. So often, insecurities drag us down and hold us back, but Wright inspires us to rise above. "Break out of it" is a fantastic book packed full of excellent advice.

- Josh